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Connecting Growth: Yieldkit is now part of mrge
Meet our brand-new brand: As a member of mrge (formerly: YK Group), we look forward to connecting publishers and advertisers - for growth!
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The revenue share due to the publisher (§ 8 c. Of the GTC) is determined on the basis of this commission list.

The percentage retentions for Yieldkit shown in this commission list are to be deducted from the net revenue (§ 8 e. Of the GTC).

The basic fee is 25% and applies in any case.

The basic fee is increased by the additional percentage withholdings shown in this list of commissions, provided that these are used or made available to achieve sales at reasonable discretion by Yieldkit or at the request of the publisher. An "accelerated payment" is only possible in consultation with and with the consent of Yieldkit.

Commissions Overview

Tool Substraction net commission in percent
Basic Fee 25%
YieldOPT 1%
Yieldkit Java Script 2%
Access to Yield Search API 2%
Access to Yield Advertiser API 2%
Access to Yield Incentive API 3%
Access to Yield Reporting API 0.3%
Access to Yield Redirect API 1%
YieldSHARE 0.5%
Fast Payment approved transactions 30 Days 7%
Fast Payment approved transactions 60 Days 5%
Fast Payment open transactions 30 Days 10%
Fast Payment open transactions 60 Days 8%